Skin Care Routine

Over the past couple of months I have seriously tried to become more conscious about what I put in my body and as part of this what I put on my skin. As a part of my therapy I currently going through this I have been advised to take some time for myself, to relax and pamper and look after myself essentially.

As I am not a ‘bath’ person (and have a best friend with a Lush discount) I decided to concentrate on my skin, both face and body.

My evening night routine goes a lil something like this…

  • Lush – 9 to 5 Cleanser – I have found this works absolute wonders for removing your make up as well as keeping your skin soft and smooth afterwards and doesn’t dry you out all. As an avid watcher of YouTube I haven’t seen this spoken about enough!  I usually use this just before I get in the shower and remove everything with two cotton pads.
  • (Every other day) Mario Badescu – Glycolic Foaming Cleanser – I use the tiniest bit of this on my Fancii exfoliation spin brush and foam my face up gooooood. Only use every other day cause it dries my face out a little bit.
  • Lush – Let the Good Times Roll Cleanser – Not only does this smell INCRED but it is also seriously easy and simple to use. I usually use it in the shower, I wet my face take a little bit the cleanser and rub it in and wash it off, simple as. As it quite a gentle scrub I do use it daily (I also have combination skin so its easy on it) and it leaves my skin smooth as can be.
  • Lush – Breathe of Fresh Air Toner – Another easy one, just a few lil spritzzzz and leave it to soak in.
  • Lush – Gorgeous Moisturiser – My god I’ll be sad when this runs out (I got it from my friend who works at lush but its worth £42 – r u jokin). It’s so good, not greasy and managed to get rid of my tiny piece of psoriasis on my eyelid, that is all.
    • If you want a more budget friendly moisturiser, I also use L’Oreal Hydra Genius (£10 or cheaper when on offer) also really good, i usually use the normal to combo skin one.
  • Lush – Dream Cream – This is the only stuff that has managed to keep my psoriasis under control and that I actually like using, I don’t have bad psoriasis but all the ones I have ever been prescribed from the Doctors have been greasy, slimy, stick to all your clothes, just not nice, put this stuff workers wonderssss.

As you can see I loveeee Lush stuff, its been so helpful and my skin has never looked better!!

Laters Honeyssss


Mental Health – Eating Disorder

Mental Health has been a serious issue in our society for a long old time but it can only be assumed that it was definitely not spoken about as much as it should and could have been. However, times are gradually changing and with the presence of social media (the devil to some) Mental Health issues can be exacerbated and for others it can be an outlet and help out a great deal.

As a student currently at University and having a sister going through College I can see (and have experienced) first hand how much mental health can affect an individual. My sisters story is obviously not mine to tell however for me personally, my mental health became an issue, unbeknownst to me, at the age of around 10.

A lot of things happened in my family around that time and being the person that I am I always put others before me and looked after them before I looked after myself – yeah a bit young for a 10 year old to be doing that but I had to grow up quite fast at this point. During this time I saw and was looked after quite a lot by my grand parents, very fortunate to have them naturally however, their way of comforting my sister and I was to give us food, ‘sweet treats’ and take us out for dinners. This was fabulous as a 10 year old, not so fabulous when the behaviours stuck.

I had always been a fussy child in what I wanted to eat, drink etc, the only things I really loved were Bread and Chocolate #mainbaes. These preferences have stuck with me, all through school I would be very restricted on what I would and wanted to eat. It didn’t really have much of an effect on me then I was still pretty slim, healthy weight (even though I thought I was a heifer lol) but I was always aware that my eating habits weren’t ‘normal’ like everyone else’s. No one else would have taken 3 slices of bread out the freezer and eat them once they defrosted (that I knew of), no one else would sneak bags of crisps into their house and hide the wrappers cause they were scared of their parents seeing what they were eating.

I was only made aware of how odd all these behaviours were when I started seeing my ex-boyfriend, he couldn’t understand it, but I just thought it was normal.

Fast forward a year or so and I’d been mildly depressed during my first term at University, going so far away just made me so home sick but luckily my boyfriend (at the time) was there to get me through it. Fast forward another couple of years to December of 2017, myself and my ex-boyfriend had broken up due to my declining mental health and as I had no official diagnosis neither of us were sure how to improve it or help me, I had nearly messed about with one of my best mates to still feel someone wanted me (oops), nearly pushing my family away, creating too much of a habit of the ‘odd binge’ and ‘oh i’ve already ruined it for the day why carry on being cautious’.

I decided I needed to figure out what was going on with me. So I booked in at the Doctors. Well my mum did (thank god).

I took my mum along to my appointment cause I am way too emotional to speak about things like this and asked her to speak on my behalf if i got too caught up. The convo went a lil bit like this…

Doctor: ‘So why have you come here today?’

Me: ‘well i’ve had this issue for about 10 years now and it has impacted me in every part of my life and… and… *choking a lil bit*’

Mum: ‘We believe she has binge eating disorder’

From there we got into symptoms etc etc things that they are naturally required to ask in order to recommend you for CBT through the NHS. Now, this is where despite my love and appreciation for the NHS I get well and truly pissed off. Essentially i have been dealing with this progressively worsening weight gain and mental health problem for about 10 years. In my opinion, obvs its about me so I’m bias, that would qualify for referral. This was not the case and my referral was rejected by the system.

Thankfully I (my family) are in a stable financial position to allow my to have therapy privately, which is improving my mind set with every session I have. What saddens me the most is that a lot of people aren’t that lucky and wouldn’t get referred, theres a shocking amount of students who experience and abundance of different mental health problems but despite most Uni’s claiming to have help. I have spoken to friends at various Uni’s and they feel as though there isn’t enough done or that just because we are the younger generation we don’t understand ‘real problems’.

Mental Health and, more specifically, eating difficulties are tricky to talk about as they are such delicate issues. However, I hope this post helped even one person because it certainly helped me to write it 🙂


Well its exam time…

Honestly I’ve always been completely useless at exams, dunno what it is or if i just think I’m more clever than what I actually am or whatever, but they’ve always been my biggest downfall.

But on the plus side I have made it through GCSE’s, A-Level’s and half of a degree with my average (ish) grades so I can’t complain too much.

Recently, I was reflecting back on my GCSE and A-Level experiences and  reasons for my worries and what the point was in even worrying about them. And i came to the ground breaking decision that I am a MAJOR people pleaser, especially with my family and achieving things. My parents have given me everything that I have ever wanted and more and I will always be grateful for that and don’t want it to be interpreted differently. BUT, they did put a great deal of pressure and expectations on me, the kinda shit that us older siblings get when you’re the first to go through all the exam crap.

Starting GCSE’s at 13/14 and finishing at 15/16 is such an early period in someones life, with so much still changing, puberty and hormones occurring and all that good stuff its hard enough without exams and pestering from parental figures. But alas, that comes along in all its glory and you just have to try and get through it – pretty sure i got through mine with a lot of snacks, films and a couple of mind maps to pretend I was flicking through. I wasn’t the most motivated at this time and I now understand (a good 5 years later) as to why my parents went on at me – they knew I was capable of more than I came out with and yeah i get that but I still came out with 10 GCSE’s A-C (we don’t talk about the eleventh one i should have got in Spanish at a D lol) which isn’t all that bad I think.

As for A-Levels, well I underestimated them entirely, lol they were a nightmare. I carried on like I had for GCSE’s in my first year of college (well year 12 cause i went to a sixth form) and was doing alright, i just plodded along doing work as I got it but not really putting much effort into anything I did really and damn did that reflect in my grades for AS’s – when they were actually a thing, i know they’re now being phased out. Overall, my grades for AS’s were E in Psychology and Geography, D in World Development (baso General Studies) and English Literature and a C in Business Studies. This meant that I had pretty much failed out of the year but i didn’t leave and was determined to go to uni just so i could have that freedom of living away from home in a new city and all that was so exciting and was what motivated me through year 13. Due to doing so monumentally SHIT in my AS’s this meant that in the a-levels i continued with (Geography, English Literature and Business Studies) I effectively had to do 2 years in one, resitting all but one of my exams (unit 2 in Business Studies if i remember correctly) meaning I ended up with over 20 hours of exams when exam season came around. Even so, I did end up with offers from all the uni’s I applied for and a reduced offer to my fave one due to my extracurriculars and ended up with C’s in all my A-levels, which might not sound the best but it had got to the point where my parents had given up hope that i was going to uni, i was applying to apprenticeships (which i’m not slating btw its just not what i wanted to do as my first choice) and i’d nearly given up hope in myself. But now i’m just finishing my second year at uni studying business and management and i’m happy with where I am.

BASICALLY, to summarise the shit I’ve been spewing for way too long you are capable of anything as long as you put your mind to it, yeah you might be destined for average grades, fab the world needs a mix of everyone, but I think the main thing is being realistic, if your predicted BBB at a-level apply for 3 uni’s with those grades as requirements, a uni above that at maybe ABB and one below it at maybe BBC – that way you’re covered and as long as it doesn’t go drastically wrong you’ll be chill. AND don’t worry about the future and uni’s, honest to god theres a 60 year old lady who attends our lectures and goes to uni now, theres always time for it and always options – if its right for you it’ll happen (or some other philosophical crap).


My (dreadful) Skin Care Routine

So recently I decided that I wanted to start taking better care of my skin but as someone who’s never really suffered with Acne or skin issues (luckily, honestly don’t take it for granted) – aside from spots and that but thats gonna happen – I had absolutely no idea where to start or what to do.

Seriously don’t understand how I’ve managed to get to 19 and not actually attempt to take care of my skin, oopsy…

ANYWAY… I’ve been attempting a routine for a while now and it appeals to be working or at least keeping spots and blackheads and all that nasty shit at bay. Obvs everyone has different skin types, prone to different things, allergic or more sensitive to other things – i have been lucky in only having slightly sensitive skin and combination skin.

Following this, these are my steps at the end of a day:

Make-up Remover Wipes:

I personally use the Boots ‘Essential Cucumber Wipes’ purely because they’re cheap #studentbudget and also cause I’ve used them since I can remember.


Most used cleanser is the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash Combination and Sensitive Skin. Not only is the product relatively inexpensive (about £2.70 in Boots and Superdrug when it’s on offer) but it also gets rid of all the rest of the make-up and gunk left over from the gross wipe in the previous step…. This cleanser is also very handy to have if you’re in a rush to get ready in the mornings or (like me) work late nights and have a major cba to do anything else other than shower and collapse into bed.


Now I’m aware that I should tone before moisturising but I haven’t really found a toner that I actually like enough to mention it to people or even actually remember to use it everyday. So moving onto moisturisers instead – one is especially necessary when using the Micellar Cleansing Gel as it is quite drying on the skin. One of my favourites to use (and by that I mean I only own one) is the Garnier Skin Moisture Match Shine Be Gone. Pretty much everyone has used this and knows the deal, that its probs not the best, but its good for what it is and doesn’t break the budget at all 🙂  



Palette Collection

So i thought i would start my random little blog off by talking about my palettes, granted its a small collection but I just thought why tf not…

The Balm Appetit – The Balm

I only got this for Christmas 2016 but i have COMPLETELY fallen in love with this palette – almost entirely for the Chris. P. Bacon and Rocky Road Ice-cream (seriously the most gorgeous and pigmented shades ever). The shades are quite different and not like anything else I have currently, a major plus point is the mirror.

Naked 2 – Urban Decay

I kind of followed the hype for this one and i’m sure pretty much everyone else has this palette or has at least looked/tried out this. The shades are good quality (what else would you expect from Urban Decay tho), highly pigmented. But there are only 3 matte shades in the whole palette – with only one colour which can be used as a transition colour but there is a matte black which is major plus points for me.

12NB – Morphe

I lost my palette virginity to this Morphe babe, some of the colours are a little wishy-washy e.g. the pink (top right) and beigey brown (bottom left) but the orangey/red (centre row) and purple (bottom right) are my faves to create eye looks with, pigment can be built up easily and can create a dramatic smokey look. Even though there isnt a matte black in here, I think that it can be excused from the pure value for money and travel friendly size of it.

Chocolate Bar – Too Faced

A cult favourite yet again, my first higher-ish end palette and still one true love (it doesn’t look like it because there are nail marks all in the eyeshadows but trust me, I do). Even though there are a couple of shades in here that I don’t really like and aren’t the best e.g. Black Forest Truffle (scratchy on the eye – just me ?? idk) and candied violet (legit no pigment…). But the palette also contains some of my fave shades ever… like Creme Brûlée, Marzipan, Triple Fudge, Salted Caramel and Champagne Truffle (espesh as a highlight). Basically I love Too Faced eye shadows and I wish I wasn’t such a broke ass bitch so I could buy the Sweet Peach palette 😦

35OM – Morphe

Now as much I love a good metallic/foiled/whatever else thats shiny I also love me some matte eyeshadows and this palette that my boyfriend got me was perfect for all my red/orange/brown desires and trust me theres a lot of brown, not only good for my eyes but the browns are so perfect for eyebrows making this soooo good for the value much like all the Morphe palettes really.

Scorching Sun – Nars Duo

This was an absolute steal from TKMaxx for £12 i believe down from £25, the colours and eyeshadows work and blend like a dream. However, the colours don’t really work well together, putting the matte shade in the crease isn’t dark enough to match the darker shimmer shade, so has to be used with another shade, but i guess its to be expected with a duo.