Palette Collection

So i thought i would start my random little blog off by talking about my palettes, granted its a small collection but I just thought why tf not…

The Balm Appetit – The Balm

I only got this for Christmas 2016 but i have COMPLETELY fallen in love with this palette – almost entirely for the Chris. P. Bacon and Rocky Road Ice-cream (seriously the most gorgeous and pigmented shades ever). The shades are quite different and not like anything else I have currently, a major plus point is the mirror.

Naked 2 – Urban Decay

I kind of followed the hype for this one and i’m sure pretty much everyone else has this palette or has at least looked/tried out this. The shades are good quality (what else would you expect from Urban Decay tho), highly pigmented. But there are only 3 matte shades in the whole palette – with only one colour which can be used as a transition colour but there is a matte black which is major plus points for me.

12NB – Morphe

I lost my palette virginity to this Morphe babe, some of the colours are a little wishy-washy e.g. the pink (top right) and beigey brown (bottom left) but the orangey/red (centre row) and purple (bottom right) are my faves to create eye looks with, pigment can be built up easily and can create a dramatic smokey look. Even though there isnt a matte black in here, I think that it can be excused from the pure value for money and travel friendly size of it.

Chocolate Bar – Too Faced

A cult favourite yet again, my first higher-ish end palette and still one true love (it doesn’t look like it because there are nail marks all in the eyeshadows but trust me, I do). Even though there are a couple of shades in here that I don’t really like and aren’t the best e.g. Black Forest Truffle (scratchy on the eye – just me ?? idk) and candied violet (legit no pigment…). But the palette also contains some of my fave shades ever… like Creme Brûlée, Marzipan, Triple Fudge, Salted Caramel and Champagne Truffle (espesh as a highlight). Basically I love Too Faced eye shadows and I wish I wasn’t such a broke ass bitch so I could buy the Sweet Peach palette 😦

35OM – Morphe

Now as much I love a good metallic/foiled/whatever else thats shiny I also love me some matte eyeshadows and this palette that my boyfriend got me was perfect for all my red/orange/brown desires and trust me theres a lot of brown, not only good for my eyes but the browns are so perfect for eyebrows making this soooo good for the value much like all the Morphe palettes really.

Scorching Sun – Nars Duo

This was an absolute steal from TKMaxx for £12 i believe down from £25, the colours and eyeshadows work and blend like a dream. However, the colours don’t really work well together, putting the matte shade in the crease isn’t dark enough to match the darker shimmer shade, so has to be used with another shade, but i guess its to be expected with a duo.


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