My (dreadful) Skin Care Routine

So recently I decided that I wanted to start taking better care of my skin but as someone who’s never really suffered with Acne or skin issues (luckily, honestly don’t take it for granted) – aside from spots and that but thats gonna happen – I had absolutely no idea where to start or what to do.

Seriously don’t understand how I’ve managed to get to 19 and not actually attempt to take care of my skin, oopsy…

ANYWAY… I’ve been attempting a routine for a while now and it appeals to be working or at least keeping spots and blackheads and all that nasty shit at bay. Obvs everyone has different skin types, prone to different things, allergic or more sensitive to other things – i have been lucky in only having slightly sensitive skin and combination skin.

Following this, these are my steps at the end of a day:

Make-up Remover Wipes:

I personally use the Boots ‘Essential Cucumber Wipes’ purely because they’re cheap #studentbudget and also cause I’ve used them since I can remember.


Most used cleanser is the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash Combination and Sensitive Skin. Not only is the product relatively inexpensive (about £2.70 in Boots and Superdrug when it’s on offer) but it also gets rid of all the rest of the make-up and gunk left over from the gross wipe in the previous step…. This cleanser is also very handy to have if you’re in a rush to get ready in the mornings or (like me) work late nights and have a major cba to do anything else other than shower and collapse into bed.


Now I’m aware that I should tone before moisturising but I haven’t really found a toner that I actually like enough to mention it to people or even actually remember to use it everyday. So moving onto moisturisers instead – one is especially necessary when using the Micellar Cleansing Gel as it is quite drying on the skin. One of my favourites to use (and by that I mean I only own one) is the Garnier Skin Moisture Match Shine Be Gone. Pretty much everyone has used this and knows the deal, that its probs not the best, but its good for what it is and doesn’t break the budget at all 🙂  




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