Well its exam time…

Honestly I’ve always been completely useless at exams, dunno what it is or if i just think I’m more clever than what I actually am or whatever, but they’ve always been my biggest downfall.

But on the plus side I have made it through GCSE’s, A-Level’s and half of a degree with my average (ish) grades so I can’t complain too much.

Recently, I was reflecting back on my GCSE and A-Level experiences and ┬áreasons for my worries and what the point was in even worrying about them. And i came to the ground breaking decision that I am a MAJOR people pleaser, especially with my family and achieving things. My parents have given me everything that I have ever wanted and more and I will always be grateful for that and don’t want it to be interpreted differently. BUT, they did put a great deal of pressure and expectations on me, the kinda shit that us older siblings get when you’re the first to go through all the exam crap.

Starting GCSE’s at 13/14 and finishing at 15/16 is such an early period in someones life, with so much still changing, puberty and hormones occurring and all that good stuff its hard enough without exams and pestering from parental figures. But alas, that comes along in all its glory and you just have to try and get through it – pretty sure i got through mine with a lot of snacks, films and a couple of mind maps to pretend I was flicking through. I wasn’t the most motivated at this time and I now understand (a good 5 years later) as to why my parents went on at me – they knew I was capable of more than I came out with and yeah i get that but I still came out with 10 GCSE’s A-C (we don’t talk about the eleventh one i should have got in Spanish at a D lol) which isn’t all that bad I think.

As for A-Levels, well I underestimated them entirely, lol they were a nightmare. I carried on like I had for GCSE’s in my first year of college (well year 12 cause i went to a sixth form) and was doing alright, i just plodded along doing work as I got it but not really putting much effort into anything I did really and damn did that reflect in my grades for AS’s – when they were actually a thing, i know they’re now being phased out. Overall, my grades for AS’s were E in Psychology and Geography, D in World Development (baso General Studies) and English Literature and a C in Business Studies. This meant that I had pretty much failed out of the year but i didn’t leave and was determined to go to uni just so i could have that freedom of living away from home in a new city and all that was so exciting and was what motivated me through year 13. Due to doing so monumentally SHIT in my AS’s this meant that in the a-levels i continued with (Geography, English Literature and Business Studies) I effectively had to do 2 years in one, resitting all but one of my exams (unit 2 in Business Studies if i remember correctly) meaning I ended up with over 20 hours of exams when exam season came around. Even so, I did end up with offers from all the uni’s I applied for and a reduced offer to my fave one due to my extracurriculars and ended up with C’s in all my A-levels, which might not sound the best but it had got to the point where my parents had given up hope that i was going to uni, i was applying to apprenticeships (which i’m not slating btw its just not what i wanted to do as my first choice) and i’d nearly given up hope in myself. But now i’m just finishing my second year at uni studying business and management and i’m happy with where I am.

BASICALLY, to summarise the shit I’ve been spewing for way too long you are capable of anything as long as you put your mind to it, yeah you might be destined for average grades, fab the world needs a mix of everyone, but I think the main thing is being realistic, if your predicted BBB at a-level apply for 3 uni’s with those grades as requirements, a uni above that at maybe ABB and one below it at maybe BBC – that way you’re covered and as long as it doesn’t go drastically wrong you’ll be chill. AND don’t worry about the future and uni’s, honest to god theres a 60 year old lady who attends our lectures and goes to uni now, theres always time for it and always options – if its right for you it’ll happen (or some other philosophical crap).